DHA Gujranwala: A Living Experience of Excellence
DHA Gujranwala, located in the heart of the city, is one of the most sought-after residential communities in Pakistan. With its state-of-the-art facilities, world-class infrastructure, and a serene and peaceful environment, it offers the perfect living experience to its residents.

The Development
DHA Gujranwala is a project of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA), which was established in the late 1970s to cater to the housing needs of the armed forces personnel. Over the years, DHA has expanded its reach and now offers housing solutions to civilians as well. DHA Gujranwala is a prime example of DHA’s commitment to excellence, with its focus on providing high-quality living spaces to its residents.
The development of DHA Gujranwala started in 2016 and has since been gaining popularity due to its well-planned and thought-out infrastructure. The residential community covers an area of around 500 acres and is divided into different phases, each offering a range of properties to suit the needs of its residents.

Location and Accessibility
One of the biggest advantages of DHA Gujranwala is its location. The residential community is located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible from all major areas. The development is located near the Gujranwala-Lahore motorway, which provides easy access to Lahore and other major cities. The development is also located near the Gujranwala International Airport, which is just a short drive away.In addition, DHA Gujranwala is also located near a range of shopping centers, schools, and hospitals, making it the perfect place for families to call home.

Infrastructure and Amenities
One of the key factors that sets DHA Gujranwala apart from other residential communities is its world-class infrastructure. The development is equipped with all modern facilities and amenities, including a well-planned road network, a sewerage system, a clean and well-maintained environment, and a reliable power supply.
The residential community is also home to a range of sports facilities, including basketball courts, tennis courts, and a cricket ground. For fitness enthusiasts, there is a well-equipped gym, and for families, there is a community park with a children’s play area. The development also has a community center, which is the perfect place for residents to socialize and interact with each other.
In terms of security, DHA Gujranwala is equipped with 24/7 surveillance, a secure perimeter wall, and round-the-clock security personnel. This ensures that residents can enjoy a safe and secure living environment, free from any worries.

Property Options
DHA Gujranwala offers a range of property options to suit the needs of its residents. These include residential plots, commercial plots, and luxury apartments. The residential plots are available in various sizes, ranging from 5 marlas to 1 kanal, and are ideal for families who want to build their dream homes. The commercial plots, on the other hand, are ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to set up shop in the area.
The luxury apartments, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want to enjoy a hassle-free living experience. These apartments are equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, spacious balconies, and ample parking space. The apartments are available in various sizes, ranging from 1-bedrooms to 3-bedrooms, and are perfect for singles, couples, and families alike.

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