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This society is situated on Canal Road close to Chung. Izmir Town Lahore is a completely evolved private local area that plans to offer quality expectations for everyday comforts to individuals of the city. Numerous significant housing societies are being created on Canal Road, and Izmir Town is one of them.

This housing society is separated into various blocks. As per the property map, Izmir Housing Society has 17 blocks beginning from A to Q. All essential facilities of water, power, sewerage frameworks, gas, and wide roads are accessible to the occupants of Izmir at economical rates. The housing society is just an ideal choice for the individuals who need to move in Lahore. It is a good choice for investors too.

Transport Facilities

There are many transport choices available for public close to Izmir Town. Residents can utilize rikshaws coming from neighbourhood societies and also use Careem or Uber services. They can also use the transport stations outside Bahria town Lahore near to Shahkam Chowk Bus Stop and Defense Road is just a five minute walking distance from Izmir Town. Mohlan Waal Bus Stop on the Multan road is another option to come in or go from Izmir town though it is almost 2 kilometers from the society.

Commercial Areas

Izmir Town developed its own commercial zone in the society which is almost fulfilling daily routine requirements of the residents reasonably. There are several commercial areas located near Izmir Town. Jinnah Mall in Jublee Town commercial market is the nearest location for the residents and the C Block market in DHA EME sector is another option for your daily routine life requirements but if you want to go vast markets near Izmir Town then Bahria Town Jasmin Mall is at 10 minutes’ drive and Wapda Town commercial market is at 8 km distance , here you can find luxurious brands, eating spots and Malls in one place.


Several mosques available for prayers in Izmir Town for the residents like Grand Mosque and Jamia Masjid Alghani. Most of the residents go for prayers at Izmir Grand Mosque in Block A because of its vast and beautiful infrastructure. Besides of these mosques, residents can go to the mosques situated in adjoining societies. Jamia Masjid NESPAK in Nespak Housing Society is at 4 kilometers distance while the Grand Jamia Masjid of Bahria Town is situated at 7 kilometers from Izmir Town which is the 2nd largest mosque in Asia.


Educational Institutions

Education has become the first pain to the parents but there is nothing to worry when you live in Izmir Town. There are multiple good educational institutions available for younger and elder children. For younger children Unique academy, Kips , Allied School system, Message School and The Punjab school are available in 2 km radius. For elder ones, different Universities like Qarshi University, Virtual University, Comsat University, Superior group of colleges and University and Punjab group of colleges and University are available in 5 km radius. Government Degree College for Women is at a distance of 2 kilometers approximately via Izmir Town Road. The Continental Medical College on Bhobatian Chowk is  7 to 8 kilometers’ distance utilizing Defense road.


Inhabitants can make all their monetary transactions with complete security in Izmir Town. United Bank Limited and Bank Alfalah situated in Block A of this Society. Moreover, they can likewise utilize banks situated close to the society, including HBL at Multan Road, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited on Defense Road


LESCO supplies power in Izmir Town Lahore. A few residents have arranged generators and UPS frameworks actually in case of electricity breakdowns.


If there would be an occurrence of health-related issues, residents can visit the Izmir Medical Center. Other famous emergency clinics and hospitals situated close to the residents are Shoaib Dental and Esthetic Center Main Canal Road at a distance of 4 kilometers utilizing Izmir Town Road. The Indus Hospital has just become operational and due to this heavy gain in properties will take place in future. The Citi Hospital on Defense Road and Bahria International Hospital of Bahria Town Lahore are good choices available for the residents lies at 4/5 kilometers distance.

Parks & Green Belts

Izmir Town is a green society. The owners of this town gave an uncommon importance to the green environment. Wonderful blossoms have been planted on the green patches set up close to the sides of fundamental roads. Aside from this, each block of Izmir Town will have its very own recreation center and a focal park will be situated in this town on occasions to come. Other parks find close to Izmir Town are Central Park NESPAK-2 in Nespak Housing Society and the Main Park of P&D Society.

Restaurants & Bakeries

Local people of Izmir Housing Society can appreciate luscious suppers at the Hunger Machine and Houlihens arranged in Block A. Aside from these diners, different eateries have been arranged in this residential community. Residents may enjoy different cafes situated close to Izmir Town. Al Yousaf Ayub Restaurant in Jubilee Town Housing Scheme is at 1.2 kilometers distance using Izmir Town Road. It just requires two minutes to arrive via vehicle and 12 minutes by foot. La’ Tiffins in Mohlan Waal Scheme is at 2 to 3 kilometers through Izmir Town Road and Defense Road. You can also find Johnny and Jugnu, McDonald, KFC and Papa John’s pizza at 4 to 6 km distance from Izmir Town. Residents attached to desserts can go to the Cakes and Bakes Bakery situated in Block A of Izmir Town. Other famous brands can be found close to the society like  Bakers Ville (8.1 km) and Gourmet Bakers and Sweets  in Bahria Town Lahore (7/8 km).

House Sizes & Prices in Izmir Town Lahore 

Sizes are 5 marlas, 10 marlas and 1 Kanal which are available to be purchased in Izmir Town. The selling cost for 5 marla plots begins at PKR 1.1 crore and goes up to PKR 1.3 crore. Cost for 10 marla plot in Izmir Town lies in between PKR 1.90 crore to 2.50 crores. 5 crore and PKR 2.2 crore.

Note: These plot prices are not final. Up & down continues in rates according to market.

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